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Dr. Anita Jackson, an experienced and compassionate geriatric medicine specialist in Temecula, CA, provides patient-focused care with a preventive health focus. She offers comprehensive solutions to geriatric health problems, exhibiting clinical excellence and reliability. Through her collaborative strategies, she ensures a thorough understanding of each patient’s health condition, delivering personalized, high-quality care.

Patient Reviews for Anita Jackson, M.D.

Geriatric medicine brilliance in Temecula! Dr. Jackson's attentive care and wellness expertise set her apart. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a trusted healthcare partner for seniors.
Ethan T.
Dr. Anita Jackson in Temecula excels in geriatric medicine. Her holistic approach and genuine concern for seniors make her the go-to physician for wellness-focused healthcare.
Jessica W.
Temecula residents are fortunate to have Dr. Anita Jackson as their geriatric medicine expert. Her personalized care and dedication make her an essential healthcare partner for seniors.
William J.
Temecula's healthcare gem, Dr. Jackson, delivers unparalleled geriatric medicine care. Her expertise and compassionate touch make her the trusted partner for holistic wellness in seniors.
Mia B.

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Anita Jackson, M.D.: Your Experienced Geriatric Medicine Specialist in Temecula, CA

In geriatric medicine, you need someone with a wealth of experience. Anita Jackson, M.D. brings years of expertise in geriatric medicine and serves patients in the Temecula, CA and Lake Elsinore, CA areas.

You’ll appreciate Dr. Jackson’s patient-centered approach to healthcare. Her years of experience in geriatric medicine mean she’s seen it all and she’s well-equipped to handle any health concern that might arise as you or your loved ones age. With Dr. Jackson on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re receiving top-tier care from a seasoned professional who genuinely cares about your well-being.

In summary, choosing Anita Jackson, M.D. for your Geriatric Medicine needs means you can expect:

  • Delivering compassionate geriatric care
  • Emphasizing preventive healthcare strategies
  • Promoting patient-focused clinical excellence
  • Offering comprehensive medical solutions
  • Renowned experienced and reliable doctor

Why Us?

If you’re looking for a dependable, compassionate, and experienced doctor in Geriatric Medicine, look no further than Anita Jackson, M.D. She is located in Temecula, CA, and’s committed to providing patient-focused care and comprehensive solutions for your health concerns. With a strong focus on preventive health and clinical excellence, you’ll receive the highest quality of care. Her collaborative strategies ensure that all aspects of your health are considered and taken care of. So don’t wait. Choose Dr. Jackson for your geriatric medicine needs today!


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Understanding Your Elderly Healthcare Needs in Geriatric Medicine

In geriatric medicine, it’s all about understanding and addressing your specific healthcare needs as you age.

This specialty isn’t just about treating diseases; it’s about caring for the whole person and enhancing your quality of life. You’re not just a patient with a list of symptoms. You’re an individual with unique needs, preferences, and goals. That’s why experts in this field focus on preventing, detecting, and treating diseases that typically affect older adults while also considering your mental and physical well-being.

Let’s break down the three main areas in which geriatric medicine can address your elderly healthcare needs:

  1. Preventive care: The beauty of geriatric medicine lies in its proactive approach. It’s not simply about reacting to health problems as they arise; it’s about anticipating potential issues before they show their ugly heads. You’ll receive vaccinations and screenings tailored to your age group to nip any health issues in the bud.
  2. Chronic disease management: As we age, we’re more likely to develop chronic conditions like heart disease or arthritis. But that doesn’t mean you must accept pain or discomfort as your new normal. In geriatric medicine, there’s a strong emphasis on managing these conditions effectively so you can continue living life on your terms.
  3. Mental health support: Let’s face it; getting older can also be tough mentally and emotionally. Whether you’re grappling with memory loss or depression, geriatric medicine recognizes these struggles as integral parts of your overall health.


Now, let’s delve a little deeper into these aspects.

In preventive care, you’re armed with knowledge and tools to help you ward off diseases common in old age, such as osteoporosis or pneumonia. You don’t just get generic advice; instead, you’ll enjoy personalized recommendations based on your lifestyle, genetics, and overall health status.

Managing chronic diseases often feels like walking a tightrope, but with geriatric care, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of merely prescribing medication and sending you on your way, geriatric specialists work closely with you to develop comprehensive management plans that improve your physical and emotional health.

And then there’s mental health – an often overlooked yet vital aspect of elderly care. It’s not unusual to experience feelings of isolation or sadness as our lives change over time, but these feelings should never be dismissed as ‘just part of getting old’. Within the realm of geriatric medicine, there’s a strong focus on providing mental health support alongside physical treatments because, ultimately, good health is about feeling good both inside and out.

Your health is our priority at the office of Anita Jackson, M.D.

Let’s partner up for a healthier you. Visit our Temecula, CA office today and experience compassionate and reliable geriatric medical care.

Don’t wait; lead a healthier, longer life with us.

Why is Geriatric Medicine Crucial in Today's Aging Society?

Have you ever wondered why geriatric medicine is gaining more attention these days?

You’re not alone. Geriatric medicine, centered around the health care of older adults, has become a vital specialty in today’s aging society. This field focuses on promoting health and preventing disease in adults over 65, aiming to improve the quality of their life and maintain their independence for as long as possible.

First, geriatricians are trained to recognize subtle signs of serious conditions that can be easily overlooked in older adults. They’re equipped with the skills to manage multiple health conditions simultaneously, ensuring that treatments do not conflict with each other.
Secondly, they understand how physical or mental changes can impact an elder’s ability to stay independent. They’ll help you navigate these changes so you can maintain your autonomy.
Lastly, geriatricians coordinate care among other doctors and health professionals. This ensures that all aspects of your health are addressed, providing a holistic approach to healthcare.

So, if you or a loved one are over 65 and want a doctor specializing in your unique needs, consider seeing Dr. Anita Jackson. With her preventive health focus and expertise in geriatric medicine, she’s dedicated to helping seniors in Temecula live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Patient Testimonials

At Dr. Jackson’s medical office, we take pride in the positive feedback we receive from our clients. We invite you to read what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences working with us.

Dr. Jackson’s professionalism and personalized care are unmatched. Her warm demeanor and genuine interest in my health make every appointment a positive experience.

– Christina Poreitis

Hemet, CA


Dr. Jackson’s patient-centered approach shines through in her thorough assessments and empathetic interactions. I feel heard and understood under her care.

– Miriam Martinsson

Temecula, CA


Anita’s dedication to her patients is evident in the time she invests in understanding their health concerns. Her commitment to achieving optimal health is truly inspiring.

– Eric Glenn

Murrieta, CA

Experience Specialized and Compassionate Care with Geriatric Medicine Tailored to Your Needs

As you age, your health needs become more complex and unique.

That’s why it’s essential to have a healthcare provider who understands these complexities and is equipped to address them. At the office of Anita Jackson, M.D., we’re committed to providing specialized geriatric medicine that meets your needs as an older adult.

Our geriatricians have undergone extensive training in understanding the intricacies of aging. They’re not just doctors but specialists who can identify and manage multiple health conditions while considering the interplay between physical health, mental health, and social factors. You don’t have to navigate the challenges of aging alone – our team is here to provide compassionate, tailored care every step of the way. Rest assured, with us, you’re in capable hands that value your well-being.

Your health is our priority at the office of Anita Jackson, M.D.

Let’s partner up for a healthier you. Visit our Temecula, CA office today and experience compassionate and reliable geriatric medical care.

Don’t wait; lead a healthier, longer life with us.

How Can We Help?

At the office of Anita Jackson, M.D., you’ll receive compassionate, experienced, and reliable geriatric medicine care right in the heart of Temecula, CA. Your health and well-being are our top priority, and we’re dedicated to providing you with the personalized attention you deserve. Our focus is helping you maintain an optimal quality of life as you age. We understand the unique health challenges of aging and have the knowledge and experience to manage them effectively. Dr. Jackson’s reliable care ensures you’re not just a number but a valued member of our health family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Geriatric medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on the health care of older adults. It aims to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults.

Not at all! While it’s typically associated with individuals 65 and older, if you’re experiencing health concerns related to aging, Dr. Jackson’s geriatric medicine could benefit you.

Dr. Jackson’s approach is fully patient-focused and comprehensive. She works collaboratively with her patients to ensure they receive the best preventive and clinical care for their unique health needs.

Absolutely! Dr. Jackson has a strong focus on preventive health care. She believes in preventing health issues and managing existing conditions effectively before they start.

Not necessarily. Dr. Jackson aims to provide comprehensive solutions, often coordinating care among various specialties. However, her goal is to reduce the need for multiple specialists by providing a wide range of care for herself.